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SBX - Small Business Exchange Calendar

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This Year We're Getting Down to Business...So That Your Small Business Can Thrive!

In 2018, The SBX begins a three-part series that includes topics catered specifically for growing your business in Marketing, Sales and Human Resources. 

In addition to the three part series, SBX will now operate as a large group round table. Take a look at the year's agenda below! Mark your calendars and register in advance for topics that can truly benefit your business in 2018!

Marketing Series:

February -- Topic: Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

March -- Topic: Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Marketing Relevant Today

Sales Series:

April -- Topic: Prospecting: Who Are Your Customers?

May -- Topic: From Prospecting to Closing: How to Finish the Cycle

June -- Topic: Retaining Your Customers


Human Resources Series

July -- Topic: Building a Framework: Mission Statement, Vision, & Values

August -- Topic: What Great Managers Do Differently

September -- Topic: Tips for Team Building