Personal Tax Prep Checklist

  1. Forms W-2.
  2. Personal information, including alimony.
  3. Information about other people who may belong on your tax return, and  childcare records, income of other adults in your home.
  4. Education payments - Forms 1098-T and itemized qualified educational expenses.
  5. Self-employment information - Forms 1099-MISC, Schedule K-1, records of all expenses, office income information, if applicable.
  6. Business use of vehicle information, log showing total miles driven  for the year, parking and tolls paid or if you want to claim actual expenses, receipts of total for gas, oil, car washes, licenses, lease, personal property tax, etc.
  7. Rental property income.
  8. Retirement income and contributions, savings and investments.
  9. Other income: unemployment, gambling income, health savings accounts, etc.
  10. Your tax returns for the previous years to check them for accuracy.

Business Tax Prep Checklist

  1. Financial statements, balance sheet and profit and loss.
  2. Cost of goods sold (If applicable) - inventory.
  3. Partnership info if applicable.
  4. Business investments.
  5. 2017 payroll summary from your provider, including W-2 and W-3.
  6. Any newly purchased assets (property equipment, land, building, etc).
  7. IRS forms 1099, 1098, etc. received from the business.
  8. Any other pertinent information.
  9. Your tax returns for the previous years to check them for accuracy.