Prepare Your Business For The Hurricane

Hurricane Matthew is rapidly approaching our area either with Tropical Storm or Hurricane conditions.  For this week’s article, we offer you some tips to prepare your business for the approaching storm.  Some of these tips may be used personally at home as well. 
1. Protect Your Property

  • If you don’t have shutters, consider using plywood to protect windows and doors from flying objects.  Bring in any outside plants, furniture or objects that may become a projectile and possibly fly away in the storm. 


  • For inside your office, relocate any valuables or fragile possessions to safe interior areas.  
  • Secure electronics such as computers and other office equipment to interior offices or away from windows.  
  • Another suggestion we found, stated that prior to the Hurricane making landfall, turn off the office utilities.


2. Protect Important Documents And Information

  • Save a list of business contacts that you consider to be crucial to your business operations, including an employee list, bank information, lawyers/attorneys, accountants, vendors and more.


  • Back-up your important documents that may not be easy to reproduce such as insurance documents, legal contracts, tax returns, and accounting statements.  If your documentation is not digital, consider saving these documents in a waterproof container to avoid water damage.  Also, think about saving these items in more than one location – just in case. 


3. Make A Checklist So Important Items Are Not Forgotten
Here are some items to consider adding to your checklist: 

  • Battery operated radio or television
  • Non-perishable 3 day food supply for each person
  • 3 days supply of water for you – general guideline is approximately 1 gallon of water per person, per day
  • Coolers and containers for water and washing
  • First Aid Kit and first aid manual
  • Flashlights, batteries, light-sticks
  • Tool kit (basic tools, gloves, etc.)
  • Tarps, plastic bags, duct tape
  • Cleaning supplies, including mops, towels and trash bags
  • Cash, ATM cards, credit cards and your identification
  • Emergency contact information such as the nearest hospital and police, along with your Insurance company and agent’s contact information
  • Your medications and related supplies

There are other items that you may need to add or may not be applicable to your business or personal checklist – this list is only a suggestion. 

Please keep up to date with the latest advisories. And remember after the storm passes to let family and friends know your status.   Be prepared and be safe before and after the storm!
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Wendy Ettorre