Opportunities Lost? Customer Complaints

A customer willing to complain may help you identify or fix problems that might be silently costing you other business.   

·      Keep your current customers a priority before reaching out for new business clients.  

·      Most importantly, keep your composure especially when clients may be upset.  This may help frustrated customers maintain (or recover) their composure.

·      Offer an Apology – With Sincere Gratitude.  When ending the conversation with your client, you genuinely want to end with a sincere apology - let the customer know that you are you truly sorry for the inconvenience or disappointment.  

·      However, not every customer may be satisfied or appeased.  Some customers are looking for something that you may not be able to provide.   Suggestion: if possible, communicate with the client and part ways on the best of terms. 

·      Follow up and express your appreciation to the client to show them that you are concerned and supportive – do this with a personal phone call or written note.

·      Move forward from the customer complaint.  Most businesses receive a complaint once in a while: move forward professionally and remedy the situation as gracefully as possible.  

·      Have a system in place so that your customers can reach someone in your organization during your business hours.  

·      When things don’t go as planned, consider creating a course of action (an action plan) and a process that serves your company and your clients. 

A complaint may turn into a compliment.  A satisfied client may actually provide you an opportunity for good old-fashioned marketing – word of mouth – due to the strong customer care you used to remedy the situation.   

cassandra bergeron