DOs and DON’TS of Email Marketing

FL-Accounting & Adviser’s CEO Roxana Scaffidi recently had the opportunity to be one of the panelists at the Quarterly Tech Workshop that the Boca Chamber of Commerce presented to their members about the importance of email for your business.  This event was held at the FAU Tech Runway on August 25th, 2016.
For this week’s tips, we would like to share a portion of Roxana Scaffidi's presentation on how email marketing can help you market your business. 


DOs and DON’TS of Email Marketing 

Email Marketing, it’s a valuable tool, but what is it?

Email Marketing is sending email messages for the purpose of enhancing relationships with your associates and present, past and hopefully future customers.  

  • It’s targeted to specific groups – for example, small business owners. 
  • Send your emails regularly to increase your brand awareness.
  • Email Marketing is measurable through software such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or the like. These programs can provide you with valuable information: the open rate, click rate, bounces and complaints.

5 Email Marketing Don’ts

1. Not Giving The Reader What They Want

Focus on providing the recipient with something they can use – be entertaining or informative. 

2. Failing to Make a Call to Action

Make a clear and concise call to action in your email. 

3. From And Subject Lines Are Confusing  

Be clear when composing these elements because the reader may decide that they don't know you or they are not interested.  

4. Sending Out Emails With Errors

Check your grammar and your links before sending your email. 

5. Too Many Graphics

Too many graphics translates to slower loading time. Keep your graphics small scale for the best effect.

5 Email Marketing DOs
1. Provide Engaging Content

Emails should be engaging, entertaining, and useful.  Never sell your product or services instead, inform your audience with relevant information.

2. Choose Joint Venture Partners With Care

Joint venture emails may be lucrative and can be profitable, however choose your partners with care. Promote the products and services that you use or have used.  At FL-Accounting & Advisers, we promote Non Profit Events or programs that we are offering.

3. Holidays 

Holidays present a great time for you to get a good response from your emails as your recipients are generally home.

4. Subscribe To Your Own List

Testing your email campaigns is important, and there is no better way to do so than becoming your own subscriber.

5. Send At The Right Time

What is the perfect time is to send out your marketing emails? The best advice is to look at trends from previous campaigns that you have sent out.

We hope you enjoyed the Tips of the Week by FL-Accounting & Advisers, your boutique accounting company.  

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Wendy Ettorre