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For this week’s tips, we review some of the dos and don'ts for Networking to grow your business and your professional contacts.

5 Ways to Use Your Network to Grow Your Business

The primary reason to network your business entity is to get referrals and hopefully grow your company.  Another reason to network your business is to gain access to a group of business professionals in other businesses.  Other network members may offer you their useful experiences and knowledge ~ if you ask them for help.     

However, asking for assistance sounds so simple but asking another network member for help may require some diplomacy on your part.  For this week’s tips, we researched the Internet to present to you some advice to consider before asking another network member for help.


1. Give something before you ask for something. It’s important to build a relationship with those that you seek advice from before asking for their help. 
2. Only request advice that concerns a person’s area of expertise. Otherwise, you may make someone uncomfortable by requesting for advice in area where that person is not familiar.
3. Do not have hidden motives. This is an easy way to offend other network members that may believe you are seeking advice as subterfuge for only promoting your own business.


4. Avoid controversial and sensitive issues. This may sound like common sense but it’s best to avoid talking too personally, engage in discussions about politics, ortalk about your religious beliefs ~ with persons that you know only in a professional capacity.
5. Don’t ask for advice people would normally charge you for.  While it may be acceptable to ask a quick question or two, it’s important to recognize when to switch from asking for advice for free to hiring the network member for your business needs.


Networking can be tricky, but when done well it can help you expand your business and improve it.  FL-Accounting & Advisers, Your Boutique Accounting Company, is here to provide you with a free consultation.  Contact our office to schedule your meeting at (561) 939-2553.
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Wendy Ettorre