Do You Have A New Business Idea?

Great business ideas come from a variety of places, sometimes we dream them up and other times we see a need and have a solution that could help. However before implementing any idea, take some time and think about the profitability of your idea and answer the following:

  • Is your business idea (service or product) a solution to a problem?
  • Define your target customer/clients; is your new idea product or service needed?
  • Create a prototype of your product and limit your expenses.
  • Determine your "breakeven" price point and how much you need to generate in order to be successful.
  • Ask people to test your product based ideas.
  • For service based ideas, survey your clients, potential clients and the general public.
  • Are your test subjects willing to pay for your new idea?
  • Get feedback from the test subjects and refine your idea.
  • Research your competitors and their offerings.
  • Evaluate all of your collected data and determine the feasibility and profitability of implementing your new business idea.  



Implementing a new business idea can be an intimidating process but there is help out there including mentors, coaches and advisers. FL-Accounting & Advisers offers a complimentary consultation to discuss your particular business needs.  

Do you need help with implementing your business idea or figuring out your business finances?  FL-Accounting & Advisers is your Boutique Accounting Company! Contact us at the link below or call us at (561) 939-2553 for your free consultation.

Wendy Ettorre