Small business owners ready to hire may find it difficult to find that perfect fit employee.

Small business owners ready to hire into their company may find it difficult to find that perfect fit employee. Why not consider a millennial?


What is a millennial? Or who are the millennials?

Generally, according to several articles, millennials are those born between 1981 and 2001. Some further classify millennials into Generation Y and Generation Z with the primary differences between the two categories as levels of technology each generation grew up with. For example, Generation Y is computers, cellphones and Generation Z is tablets and apps.

What does this mean for a business owner ready to hire but having a difficult time locating a candidate with job experience, skills, training or education?  

Well, perhaps, your business may benefit from the advantages of hiring a millennial. Here's a list of some potential benefits to hiring a millennial:

  • Strong technology skills - millennials grew up with all the latest apps, social media and technology that some of us didn't grow up with.


  • Fresh ideas - millennials can help you attract or market to customers that are millennials.


  • Costs savings - hiring a person with minimal or very little job experience may equal payroll savings.


  • Training - small business owners often have positions that require specialization and hiring a millennial with little job experience may mean it's easier to train the employee to suit your unique job requirements. 


  • Flexible schedules - millennials may be more receptive to working a flexible schedule.

For small business owners, hiring employees can mean the difference between growing your business or not.  Finding the right employees may be difficult but it's not impossible.  

How do you find potential candidates? Personal or online referrals, networking, recommendations, universities or trade schools.

When hiring any employee, millennial or not, choose wisely. Take the time to screen your candidate, check references and review your tax liabilities. Remember, there are different documents for each type of employee your hire - think 1099 or W2 forms.  

Need help determining the type of employee you can hire such as full-time or independent contractor? 

Consider contacting our firm for a complimentary consultation to discuss the details of your operation.  We offer you a peace of mind by providing you with customized accounting services in our Boutique Accounting Company.

Here's to your success.

Wendy Ettorre