Tips to define your target market

Let’s face facts: we need customers to build a solid foundation or grow our businesses. So many online resources talk about the importance of targeting your typical clients to best maximize your marketing dollars. Since no one can easily afford to market everyone, this week’s tips give you suggestions to define your target customer.



Tips to define your target market

- First review your current customers and look for common traits or characteristics.  By identifying these common features, it may be likely that other people – with those same characteristics – might benefit also from your products or services.
- Review your competition and who are their clients? Could there be a niche market that your competitors have overlooked?
- How do you reach your potential customers? Social media, direct marketing or networking events? Are your connecting to your target market? 
- What are the benefits of your services or products? Identify how a client could benefit from your services or products.  Do they need your product or service (and do they know about it?).   
- Additionally, consider the psychological reasons a potential client may profit from your services or products. Some reasons include lifestyles, values and interests or hobbies. For example, a client that is a busy entrepreneur may value a service or product that frees their time up to focus on their business or family. 
Defining your target customer is not easy but it may help you save your marketing budget for clients that could benefit from the services and products that you offer.

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